Hobbit Feet – and Laser Hair Removal

Our friends at the popular television show The Doctors recently had quite a challenge on their hands – a man with extremely, hair feet! (Watch the clip. We’re not kidding!) We have to agree with our gracious medical doctor who says that socks and open toed shoes don’t go together. But when one has endured people making fun of his hairy feet for such a long time, it’s hard not to hide them. So what can be done? Play the video below and see:

We’re happy everything worked out so well for Rami and almost certain that his toes will enjoy a little more sunshine. Find Your Provider – click here!

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A Guest Post from Beauty Blogger Maureen Hayden

We say a lot about hair removal lasers and laser hair removal. As regular readers know, we’re obsessed with both. It’s always best, however, to hear from the professional who use our hair removal lasers day in and day out. Therefore we’re happy to present a guest post from Beauty Blogger Maureen Hayden.  Here’s what Maureen had to say about laser hair removal and the Pain-Free, Hair-Free laser hair removal treatment from Alma Lasers:

“Well, what can I say about this Soprano hair removal laser. A lot – it’s been fantastic. Speaking from my own personal experience on both sides of the laser it’s just been brilliant. I have raved about this machine in particular on my blog for a while now and I would say the Soprano has been the best laser hair removal machine I have used.

Now I do tend to get carried away when talking … Read More

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe? Buyers Guide for Laser Hair Removal

We’re passionate believers in hair removal lasers. Of course we’ve worked hard to make our technology safe and effective to minimize the risk of laser hair removal. We believe, in fact, that safety is our most important responsibility. But it’s important to ask; do all laser manufacturers feel the same way?

The answer may be found in a story reported by a Toronto, Canada television station. “Don’t Get Burned” featured several horrific examples of laser hair removal treatments gone wrong as well as other horrific outcomes of other cosmetic laser treatments. The story identified factors that may have contributed to these horror stories.

The news story made some excellent points.

The truth is simple: laser hair removal, like any cosmetic laser treatment, is a procedure that contains risks. Furthermore you should be aware of not only the risks involved but a few steps you can take to minimize the potential … Read More

A Study in Decreasing Pain, Laser Hair Removal

Chances are, anyone looking for laser hair removal does a bit of homework on the subject. Correct? It may be challenging, however, to separate fact from fiction when gathering laser hair removal information. Some hair removal providers may tell you, for example, that all hair removal lasers feel the same to clients and that they all pretty much make people cry. Look, we know that pain is subjective and that some folks have higher pain tolerances than others. We also know that the facts are a result of scientific studies conducted under controlled circumstances.

Dr. Chris Zachary recently presented the findings of one such study. He compared the virtually painless laser hair removal technology from Alma Lasers against another hair removal laser. Here’s what he had to say:

When it comes to hair removal lasers, we’re passionate to the point of being obsessed. We’re even more passionate about your … Read More

Things you’ll Probably Never Hear, Part I

Are you ever going to hear this statement?

You’re back hair is so sexy! I just want to comb it with a brush and put it in braids…

Yeah, didn’t think so. If you’re a guy and your back looks like something that could be nailed to a hunter’s wall, you’re might be scaring off the perfect mate. If you’re a woman… Well, maybe there’s a subculture that likes females with hairy backs. In any case, you’re probably considering laser hair removal and found this site looking for information. Great – we’re glad you’re here. Furthermore, we have a lot to say about laser hair removal in general and Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ virtually painless laser hair removal in particular.

The first thing you should know is this:

Hair Removal Lasers are NOT all the same.

Has someone told you this? If so, let’s consider that statement carefully. If someone bought the Read More

Is Laser Hair Removal the Right Decision? Part II

So you’re considering laser hair removal? That’s great – it’s a smart decision. If you spend a portion of your day hacking at unwanted body hair with a razor, laser hair removal can save you a lot of time. Laser hair removal can also save you from embarrassment. For example, you probably don’t want someone to say this about you:

You’re really a catch except for that back hair…

Laser hair removal can mean you’re not ashamed to take your shirt when you’re on the beach. Heck, it may even mean you’re not afraid to take your shirt off when you’re in the bedroom! Today’s celebrities sport a smooth, hairless look and, we believe, it’s for one reason – it looks hot. So if you think laser hair removal can save you from the embarrassment of unwanted back hair – or hair on any other body part – you’re probably … Read More

Is Laser Hair Removal the Right Decision?

If you’re here, you’re probably looking into laser hair removal. Congratulations – it’s a smart decision. After all, a number of statements can be made about people who don’t have laser hair removal. Warning – these statements are not, by any stretch of the imagination, complimentary. For example:

She’s a pretty girl except for her mustache…

Imagine how a short session of laser hair removal might change that girl’s life? Look, nobody wants to be mean. We certainly don’t want to allude that butter-faces are out there, (everything about her is beautiful butter face). We do want to say that laser hair removal, a routine and simple procedure, can be radically life changing. Chances are you’re already know what laser hair removal can do for you and how it can change benefit you.

It’s important to understand, however, that not all laser hair removal treatments are alike. In fact, laser … Read More

Laser Hair Removal and Halloween, Part II

Some things should be scary. Is laser hair removal one of them?

Have you heard horror stories about laser hair removal? A quick search on Google can lead anyone to some scary and unfortunate tales. Consumers have reported burns and blisters and investigators have blamed a variety of factors. One thing’s for sure; when it comes to laser hair removal you probably want to decrease your risk of side effects as much as possible. Furthermore, this is a case where knowledge really is power.

So let’s talk about the old way of performing laser hair removal. Prior hair removal technologies simply blasted the hair follicle, eradicating it with a massive blast of hot laser light. If that sounds painful, well, it kind of was. In some cases it was even too much too bear and laser hair removal clients discontinued treatment. It’s also fair to say that using high … Read More

Some Things Should be Scary

Some things should be scary. Is laser hair removal one of them?

It’s that time of year again – Halloween. Kids dress up like monsters and knock on doors for candy. Parents hand out treats to little zombies, blood thirsty vampires and a precious princess or two – or suffer the consequences of a trick as nasty as old fashioned laser hair removal. Horror movies run non-stop on cable and, maybe, the undead sneak into your house in the middle of the night. It’s accepted that Halloween can be a frightening time.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, should not be frightening. It’s just our opinion, of course, but we believe that hair removal by laser should be more enjoyable than, say, being burned at the stake. After all, it’s your back, your legs,  your bikini area and your skin that’s being treated. Why pay to have it tortured?… Read More

Truth in Laser Hair Removal, Raleigh NC

We know a few things about laser hair removal. It’s a subject we could blog about all day long. However, the laser hair removal providers who select Alma Lasers as their partner know a thing or two about laser hair removal, too. In a recent article, The Truth About Laser Hair Removal, we vowed to share their thoughts with you. We want you to know why these professionals – who had their choice of any hair removal laser on the planet – chose to offer Pain-Free, Hair-Free™. The first location to share their thoughts is the Museum Spa and Laser Center of Raleigh, North Carolina.

laser hair removal Raleigh NCThe Museum Spa & Laser Center was established in 2000, making it the longest established Medical Spa in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Since that time, the Museum Spa & Laser Center has served thousands of diverse patients.

The Museum Spa and Laser Center … Read More