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Laser for Removal, For Men

Laser hair removal continues to gain popularity among both men and women. Look, today’s young movie stars and other celebrities sport a smooth, hair-free look for one reason – it looks great! Seriously, getting rid of unsightly hair not only adds to a guy’s attractiveness factor, it can give a huge boost to his self esteem, too. So what’s stopping you – or your guy – from laser hair removal?

In many cases it’s PAIN.

We understand. In the old days of laser hair removal, the equipment basically scorched the hair. It hurt – a lot. We’ve heard of laser hair removal locations that used to play loud music to cover the shouts of pain. Many patients began laser hair removal treatment but couldn’t tolerate the discomfort.

Alma Lasers, the Well Being Company, developed its technology and treatments with the goal of making laser hair removal available to everyone – including those with a low pain tolerance. See the How it’s Better page for complete info and know this: You can’t use pain as an excuse anymore…

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