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A Guest Post from Beauty Blogger Maureen Hayden

We say a lot about hair removal lasers and laser hair removal. As regular readers know, we’re obsessed with both. It’s always best, however, to hear from the professional who use our hair removal lasers day in and day out. Therefore we’re happy to present a guest post from Beauty Blogger Maureen Hayden.  Here’s what Maureen had to say about laser hair removal and the Pain-Free, Hair-Free laser hair removal treatment from Alma Lasers:

“Well, what can I say about this Soprano hair removal laser. A lot – it’s been fantastic. Speaking from my own personal experience on both sides of the laser it’s just been brilliant. I have raved about this machine in particular on my blog for a while now and I would say the Soprano has been the best laser hair removal machine I have used.

Now I do tend to get carried away when talking but allow me to state a few things so you can see where I’m coming from. I’m an Aesthetician and I’ve used various other lasers including IPL’s.

When training on a new device, I always ask, “Is it suitable for darker skin?” I’ve often found that the technology isn’t suitable in the first place. If it is, there’s usually more pain involved and poor results. This is a real shame so I was very happy to learn that the Soprano was suitable for darker skin. In fact it’s suitable for any skin type. Note that I say I was happy, but still skeptical.

I must admit I didn’t jump in and start having the treatments done myself straight away. It still took some time for me to try it out for myself. I liked the fact that the Soprano’s setting can be adjusted and, with me being a bit of a chicken, I opted to turn it right down. I was then pleasantly surprised because it didn’t hurt. It felt a little prickly sometime where I had coarse hair, but it was not painful.

At this time, I have had four treatments on my legs and other treatments on smaller areas. I’ve timed the treatments more or less consistently every four to five weeks apart. I only shaved between treatments as recommended and then I have had one treatment in March of this year as a touch up.

Usually a course of six treatments is recommended for optimal results but it worked so well for me I was happy with five and just shaving every few months to keep stray hairs at bay. I have only touched them a few times since. I do still have hairs but they are so few and so fine that I don’t notice them and barely feel them at all.

I’m glad I have had treatment as it just means for myself that holidays are hair free. It feels more comfortable and I’m very smooth indeed. Not a lot of clinics use this laser. It’s one of the latest technologies to come out in the ‘hair removal market.’ I would advise anyone to have this done and anyone that has dark unwanted hair is perfect. Any skin color which is one of the big plusses for me including it being virtually pain free as mentioned earlier. If you are thinking along the lines of having a more permanent option of hair removal then this is the laser to research. Where I work, Medizen, my clients travel from afar to have this particular machine used.

I do hope this has encouraged some of you who are thinking of having this done. I’m now thinking of having another area done. It’s just addictive. Why have unwanted embarrassing hair when you have soprano FOR ALL SKIN TYPES!

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A Study in Decreasing Pain, Laser Hair Removal

Chances are, anyone looking for laser hair removal does a bit of homework on the subject. Correct? It may be challenging, however, to separate fact from fiction when gathering laser hair removal information. Some hair removal providers may tell you, for example, that all hair removal lasers feel the same to clients and that they all pretty much make people cry. Look, we know that pain is subjective and that some folks have higher pain tolerances than others. We also know that the facts are a result of scientific studies conducted under controlled circumstances.

Dr. Chris Zachary recently presented the findings of one such study. He compared the virtually painless laser hair removal technology from Alma Lasers against another hair removal laser. Here’s what he had to say:

When it comes to hair removal lasers, we’re passionate to the point of being obsessed. We’re even more passionate about your laser hair removal treatment. So ask your provider about Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal. You might even mention that you know a thing or two about laser hair removal procedures and that you’ve done your research. Better yet, find your laser hair removal provider right here.

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Things you’ll Probably Never Hear, Part I

Are you ever going to hear this statement?

You’re back hair is so sexy! I just want to comb it with a brush and put it in braids…

Yeah, didn’t think so. If you’re a guy and your back looks like something that could be nailed to a hunter’s wall, you’re might be scaring off the perfect mate. If you’re a woman… Well, maybe there’s a subculture that likes females with hairy backs. In any case, you’re probably considering laser hair removal and found this site looking for information. Great – we’re glad you’re here. Furthermore, we have a lot to say about laser hair removal in general and Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ virtually painless laser hair removal in particular.

The first thing you should know is this:

Hair Removal Lasers are NOT all the same.

Has someone told you this? If so, let’s consider that statement carefully. If someone bought the cheapest laser they could get their hands on they’d probably be desperate to convince you that all hair removal lasers are alike. The owner of that cheap or outdated hair removal technology wants you to be a customer, after all. As a consumer, however, you know that products have different levels. A new BMW is very different from a Ford Pinto. They’re both cars, sure. Both have 4 wheels, a gas pedal and a multitude of other similarities. But you’ll probably never confuse the two, correct? 

You can think of laser for hair removal the same way. Hair removal technology has been around for a while now and the industry has a range of options. Likewise, some very old fashioned hair removal lasers may still be in operation. Many hair removal lasers utilize a micro-second’s worth of hot laser light to attack the unwanted hair. Imagine what this feels like penetrating your skin? Perhaps the level of pain and discomfort was the reason why some people never finished their hair removal treatments.

Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal gives consumers an alternative. While pain tolerance is subjective, most people find the treatment not just tolerable, but comfortable. So now that getting rid of that pelt on your back doesn’t involve pain and suffering, shouldn’t you give it a try? Learn How Its Better and Find Your Laser Hair Removal Provider today.

Laser Hair Removal Professionals – Learn more about hair removal lasers from Alma Lasers and what makes the virtually painless hair removal lasers the best choice for your clients. 

The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Why is it a better choice than other hair removal methods? Chances are you already have a personal answer. Maybe you’re tired of nicking your legs in the bathtub while shaving. Maybe you’re fed up with wasting time on plucking and waxing. For whatever reason, laser hair removal can be a dream comes true. However, it’s very, very important to know this:

Not all laser hair removal is Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal.

Look, we know there’s a lot of hype out there when it comes to laser hair removal treatments. The road to being hair-free is fraught with opinions, various levels of equipment and some outright bad information. So what makes the Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal treatment so much better? We’ve answered that question many times before and we could go on and on…

However, we’re going to ask a few of the thousands of Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ providers around the world to speak up and share their thoughts about laser hair removal. Keep in mind that many of these practitioners have undergone years of rigorous medical training and understand not only laser hair removal, but the complicated science of light and tissue interaction. Furthermore, these professionals had their choice of hair removal lasers. They could’ve bought any hair removal laser they wanted, yet they selected Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ equipment above all others. We believe they had good reasons to do so; and we’ll let them tell you why.

See you soon.

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Hair Removal Lasers – Skin Types and You

We’re passionate about hair removal lasers. It’s an odd thing to be passionate about, we know. But it doesn’t change the facts. Our team spends a lot of time thinking about hair removal lasers and what makes one particular laser better than all the others. We are the company that rocked the industry with Pain-Free, Hair-Free ™, a revolutionary, virtually painless laser hair removal treatment. Obviously, we’re not afraid of a little hard work. Nor are we afraid of controversy.

In an earlier post we mentioned the various schools of thought on hair removal lasers. We said that some people feel an alexandrite works well and others feel a YAG type laser works well.We’re going to clarify. These schools of thought adhere to using alexandrite lasers for the lighter skin types and YAG lasers for the darker ones. They generally don’t advocate the reverse!

Within the industry of hair removal lasers, however, the 810 Diode wavelength rules as the Gold Standard – and this is not likely to change. A few lasers boast an 810 Diode. But only hair removal lasers from Alma Lasers combine the gold standard with cutting edge technology and a patented IN MOTION™ treatment technique.

So to clarify, we don’t have anything against the other lasers. We don’t have anything against the people who love them. We’re just pointing out that our gold standard laser is virtually painless and FDA-cleared for all skin types. We think it’s important that you and all other consumers know this. Enough said.


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