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Laser Hair Removal and Halloween, Part II

Some things should be scary. Is laser hair removal one of them?

Have you heard horror stories about laser hair removal? A quick search on Google can lead anyone to some scary and unfortunate tales. Consumers have reported burns and blisters and investigators have blamed a variety of factors. One thing’s for sure; when it comes to laser hair removal you probably want to decrease your risk of side effects as much as possible. Furthermore, this is a case where knowledge really is power.

So let’s talk about the old way of performing laser hair removal. Prior hair removal technologies simply blasted the hair follicle, eradicating it with a massive blast of hot laser light. If that sounds painful, well, it kind of was. In some cases it was even too much too bear and laser hair removal clients discontinued treatment. It’s also fair to say that using high temperatures could contribute to burns and blisters and other horror stories.

Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ hair removal lasers were conceived with patient comfort and safety in mind. The revolutionary IN-MOTION™ technique utilizes a low energy with fast delivery. The low energy, as you can imagine, lessens the risks of blisters, burns and other horror stories. So even though it’s Halloween, we suggest finding a Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal provider and leaving the horror stories someplace else.


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