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Hobbit Feet – and Laser Hair Removal

Our friends at the popular television show The Doctors recently had quite a challenge on their hands – a man with extremely, hair feet! (Watch the clip. We’re not kidding!) We have to agree with our gracious medical doctor who says that socks and open toed shoes don’t go together. But when one has endured people making fun of his hairy feet for such a long time, it’s hard not to hide them. So what can be done? Play the video below and see:

We’re happy everything worked out so well for Rami and almost certain that his toes will enjoy a little more sunshine. Find Your Provider – click here!

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Laser Hair Removal, For Men

Youthful good looks – whether we admit it or not, most of us aspires to keep our youthful appearance.  But unlike women, we aren’t willing to endure pain in exchange for the fountain of youth.  For men, maintaining a clean, hairless look can help do so. Today’s movie stars, fitness models and other celebrities sport a sleek, hair-free image for some smart reasons:

  • It looks great.
  • People love it.

It can get a lot harder as we get older. Let’s face it, after a certain number of birthdays hair seems to sprout up where it never was before… Our shoulders, necks, the backs of our arms, ears, nose, every place imaginable can seem to be a hotbed for new body hair. The hair might darken and thicken, too, as if it’s slowly gaining strength as it takes over every inch of your body.

It’s not attractive. It’s hard to combat. Some of us spend more time hacking away at ugly body hair than we do in the gym. But there’s a solution.

Now there is a way to achieve this look without the pain! Pain-Free, Hair-Free laser hair removal treatment signals a huge innovation in medical hair removal. Today, replicating the look of celebs starts with finding a location. Will it turn you into an instant celebrity? Probably not, but it will give you more time to work on your six-pack abdominals. And remember, there are some names for guys who get the Pain-Free, Hair-Free laser hair removal:

  • Smart
  • Attractive
  • Better looking
  • Etc.

Nobody likes the guy with crazy-body-hair. Take action. Join the Pain-Free, Hair-Free revolution today.