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Truth in Laser Hair Removal, Raleigh NC

We know a few things about laser hair removal. It’s a subject we could blog about all day long. However, the laser hair removal providers who select Alma Lasers as their partner know a thing or two about laser hair removal, too. In a recent article, The Truth About Laser Hair Removal, we vowed to share their thoughts with you. We want you to know why these professionals – who had their choice of any hair removal laser on the planet – chose to offer Pain-Free, Hair-Free™. The first location to share their thoughts is the Museum Spa and Laser Center of Raleigh, North Carolina.

laser hair removal Raleigh NCThe Museum Spa & Laser Center was established in 2000, making it the longest established Medical Spa in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Since that time, the Museum Spa & Laser Center has served thousands of diverse patients.

The Museum Spa and Laser Center had older hair removal lasers in place. They also had all of the problems that went along with it. For one, the older technology was only able to treat certain skin types. No one at the Museum Spa wanted to turn people away. Even more challenging, however, was the pain factor. The eligible patients who were able to withstand the treatment could do so in limited areas. Moving to a sensitive body part such as the bikini area was almost impossible.

With a long-term reputation on the line and extremely high standards in place, choosing the right hair removal laser was an arduous process. After all, not just any hair removal technology was going to do the job.

The Museum Spa and Laser Center evaluated several lasers for efficacy (the expected outcome) and patient happiness. They Then they made their decision.

“We selected Alma Lasers for a number of reasons, but patient satisfaction was the biggest factor,” said Judie Mapoma, Spa Director. “Traditionally, laser hair removal has been very painful. Let’s face it, even people with a high pain tolerance found the process uncomfortable. The IN-MOTION™ technology allowed us to take a historically painful treatment and turn it into a good experience. Plus, we can now treat all skin types and even tanned skin.”

Sounds like the future looks bright for laser hair removal, Raleigh NC. It’s important to note that Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ technology is based on proven science; and that clinical outcome was another huge consideration. “Our reputation is valuable,” said Dr. Richard Carlino, the Museum Spa and Laser Center’s Medical Director. “We don’t try to meet expectations. Our goal is to exceed them. The technology we use must work – period.”

Laser Hair Removal, Raleigh, NC To the Museum Spa and Laser Center – we say Thank You! It’s our pleasure to partner with you. Follow this link for more information on Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal in Raleigh, NC. Or call The Museum Spa and Laser Center at (919)785-9696. Too far from Raleigh? Find your local provider and experience the new generation of virtually painless lasers from Alma Lasers.


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