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Laser Hair Removal, The Revolution is Underway

Laser hair removal used to hurt – a lot! But it doesn’t have to anymore.

In the old days, laser hair removal was excruciatingly painful. This is because old fashioned lasers sent a blast of high temperature light deep into your flesh to burn away unwanted body hair with heat. We can think of old school lasers as an invisible blow torch. As you might imagine, this was an experience that brought tears to the eyes. Some locations played music while removing hair, but it wasn’t to relax the person being treated. It was to muffle their shouts and cries of pain! It’s understandable that many people simply could not tolerate old fashioned laser hair removal. Worst of all, the painful treatment often didn’t work.

Times have changed – thank goodness. The Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatment works much differently than old fashioned hair removal lasers. The most prestigious hair removal locations embraced the technology. Soon after its inception, thousands of people across the globe experienced virtually painless hair removal. The hair removal revolution was underway and it grows every day.

This blog is dedicated to the Pain-Free, Hair-Free client. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to enjoy the hair-free lifestyle you’ve dreamed about. Whether it’s a small amount of facial hair or an embarrassing pelt, we want to help. Join the revolution and find a Pain-Free, Hair-Free location today.