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Hair Removal Lasers – Skin Types and You

We’re passionate about hair removal lasers. It’s an odd thing to be passionate about, we know. But it doesn’t change the facts. Our team spends a lot of time thinking about hair removal lasers and what makes one particular laser better than all the others. We are the company that rocked the industry with Pain-Free, Hair-Free ™, a revolutionary, virtually painless laser hair removal treatment. Obviously, we’re not afraid of a little hard work. Nor are we afraid of controversy.

In an earlier post we mentioned the various schools of thought on hair removal lasers. We said that some people feel an alexandrite works well and others feel a YAG type laser works well.We’re going to clarify. These schools of thought adhere to using alexandrite lasers for the lighter skin types and YAG lasers for the darker ones. They generally don’t advocate the reverse!

Within the industry of hair removal lasers, however, the 810 Diode wavelength rules as the Gold Standard – and this is not likely to change. A few lasers boast an 810 Diode. But only hair removal lasers from Alma Lasers combine the gold standard with cutting edge technology and a patented IN MOTION™ treatment technique.

So to clarify, we don’t have anything against the other lasers. We don’t have anything against the people who love them. We’re just pointing out that our gold standard laser is virtually painless and FDA-cleared for all skin types. We think it’s important that you and all other consumers know this. Enough said.


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Hair Removal Lasers and your Skin Type

Hair removal lasers have been in use for quite a while. Considering how long hair removal lasers have been in use, the technology has a good record as far as safety is concerned. In an earlier article we discussed the importance of skin type. It’s an important consideration because using the optimal hair removal laser for your skin type can help you achieve the best outcome.

Within the laser hair removal industry, there’s a few different opinions about what laser is right for which skin types. Some people lean towards using a YAG laser. Some hair removal lasers even have the word YAG in their title. Another group argues that Alexandrite, aka Alex, lasers are effective. The industry’s long-term Gold Standard, however, is the 810 nanometers from a Diode style laser.

The Pain-Free, Hair-Free ™ laser hair removal treatment begins with an 810 Diode, adhering to the Gold Standard. However, it doesn’t stop there. The real magic of the Pain-Free, Hair-Free ™ laser hair removal treatment is the combination of the Gold Standard, contact cooling to protect your skin and the patented IN-MOTION™ technique. Perhaps this is why the FDA approved the hair removal laser for treating all six skin types!

If you’re skin demands Alexendrite or YAG, it’s not an issue. We bring those technologies to the market every day. So if laser hair removal is on your to-do list, turn your back on inferior lasers and:

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